Best of November - Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #149

Covers 12 of the most popular articles from November. Topics range from talent questions for the CHRO, skills-based organizations, and 2023 workforce trends.

As we begin the month of December, I wanted to share this "Best of November" issue of the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter, which includes 12 of the most popular resources from November.

This "best of the month" format is slightly different than the regular weekly issue in that the "best of" version provides a short description (instead of my full summary and perspective) of each resource.

You can access my full summary and the source article/resource by clicking the hyperlinks.

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Have a great week, and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you throughout December!


Brian Heger is a human resources practitioner with a Fortune 150 organization and has responsibilities for Strategic Talent and Workforce Planning. To connect with Brian on Linkedin, click here.


A PDF that includes 12 articles and reports related to the topics of 1) CHRO, 2) Skills, 3) Talent Risks, and 4) Culture and Leadership. It provides a fast way to access resources on several talent, workplace, and workforce topics.

A 20-page report on how organizations can tailor their talent narrative to various stakeholders while still drawing from a single source of truth. It includes a visual of seven stakeholder groups and the parts of the HC narrative that appeal to them.

Captures insights from 15 CHROs on the types of talent and culture topics they are discussing with the board of directors. I also share 18 questions the board may want to know related to talent.

A 29-page report that provides insights into worker sentiment on various workforce topics and issues, such as worker preferences and values. The report highlights six key findings of which employers should be aware.

A 22-page multi-country report on 5 key labor market trends for the coming years. Since employee retention and talent supply are touched on in the report, I reshare aone-page PDFthat integrates four resources for identifying and addressing critical employee retention risks..

A 77-page report on 10 workforce and workplace trends that will carry over or become more prominent in 2023. I provide three bonus materials on scenario planning, which is one of the topics discussed in the report.

Provides five tactics that recruiters can use to influence hiring managers’ receptivity to hiring nontraditional candidates—those from functions, industries, educational backgrounds, etc., that differ from those typically sought after in a given role.

A one-page PDF that includes 5 resources from Deloitte on various aspects of skills-based talent practices. One resource includes a 101-page report on how organizations are shifting to skills-based talent practices.

Describes challenges organizations have faced in transitioning to skills-based hiring— such as validating skills—and highlights a few tactics to overcome them.

Explores nearly eight million job listings to visualize how the skills required in the most competitive roles in critical functions in the S&P 100 are changing. Includes a 5-category framework for discussing how skills are shifting in organizations.

A 50-minute podcast where Allan Church shares ideas about various aspects of employee potential, including the three types of potential, why they matter, and when to use them.

Provides an overview of the core concepts that HR leaders need to understand about ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and how they can embed them in talent practices and processes.


As part of CHROs on the Go - a subscription that provides the easiest way to stay informed about hires, promotions, and resignations in the Chief Human Resources role- 137 new CHRO announcements were posted on the platform in November.

The CHRO appointment of the month is:

  • Papa John’s International, Inc. (ATLANTA) [NASDAQ: PZZA]—an American pizza restaurant chain— has appointed Elias Reyna as the company’s new Chief People and Diversity Officer. Mr. Reyna joins Papa Johns from ABM Industries where he was VP HR Manufacturing and Distribution. Prior to ABM, Mr. Reyna was VP HR and People Services for Papa Johns. READ MORE

If you are a member of CHROs on the Go,  you can access all detailed 137 CHRO announcements from October (and +1500 archived announcements) by can logging in to the platform.


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