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What Readers Are Saying

“What I love about Talent Edge Weekly is that Brian culls all the research and tools I want to be aware of into one place and makes it super easy to access. It’s so easy to go into recent weekly updates so I can find the latest and greatest research and tools for a particular talent topic I’m working on. Always helps me to start big and see what’s out there externally before going deep with my team to build a recommendation. If you work in talent management, you absolutely have to be reading this regularly to stay relevant.”

Melissa HuntleyVP, Global Talent Management, Visa

“For anyone in HR trying to stay abreast of the research and insights in our field, the Talent Edge Weekly is a must-read! From staying up to date on the impact on engagement from hybrid policies, to research around evolving performance management, to the current trends on succession planning, Brian Heger has a pulse on it all! What sets apart TEW from other industry groups is the balance of research and practical application which makes the content actionable, and incredibly informative.”

Megan BickleHead of Employee Listening, Culture and Engagement, Western Digital

“Talent Edge Weekly is an amazing resource for HR practitioners who want to stay up to date in this rapidly evolving field. What I love most is the thoughtful, relevant, and diverse topics it covers, all in one place! From the latest HR trends and best practices to insightful information on culture and experience, it never disappoints, and I find it to be a great way to start my week. It's really a must-read for anyone who wants to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of our field. Thank you!”

Alicia GageVP, People Partnering, Cushman & Wakefield

“Talent Edge Weekly is an amazing resource for HR and Talent professionals. It is one-stop shopping for curated resources and now the first place I look if I am searching for trends or what’s new in the Talent space. I am extremely appreciative of this resource. Thank you Brian, for all your efforts.”

Mariangela BattistaVP Talent Management, IGT PLC

“If you're interested in a smart, wonderfully curated and practical guide to being great in HR, Talent Edge Weekly is it! How Brian Heger produces such great content on a weekly basis is beyond me, but I'm incredibly glad that he does!”

Marc EffronPresident, Talent Strategy Group

“Talent Edge Weekly is an invaluable resource for me. It contains fabulous research, insights, and impactful information that is relevant and practical. I look for Brian’s posts, and often tag or share the posts with others, as he is one of my favorite professional influencers. Learning and growth are important to me, and he helps foster that through his shares! So thankful.”

Yvonne Bell SVP, People and Culture, D2L

“Talent Edge Weekly is one of my go-to sources for staying on top of the latest HR trends and talent practices. The newsletter is full of timely and relevant information and credible resources. It’s a great resource for HR practitioners who don’t have a lot of time to research topics related to HR/people practices and talent management.”

Tracy DoddChief Talent Officer, Kyndryl

“In my roles as a Head of HR and now Head of SWP in a global organisation, my teams and I have relied upon and benefit consistently from the diverse sources of relevant HR insight that is sent on Talent Edge Weekly. It really helps to effectively bring outside perspectives and approaches into corporate thinking and practice. Thanks Brian, this is huge value-add.”

Chris WoodwardGlobal Head of Strategic Workforce Planning, Babcock International Group

“Brian’s weekly round up of articles and resources from high quality sources is a must for all progressive talent professionals. He summarizes the key messages and provides helpful templates, making it my no.1 go-to for the latest thinking on a wide range of talent topics. I can’t recommend signing up highly enough - thank you Brian!”

Paul LawrensonGlobal Head of Talent Acquisition, Ørsted

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