Best of December - Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #153

Covers 10 of the most popular articles from December. Topics range from 2023 Talent trends, HR strategy, employee retention risk, pay equity, experience maps, and more.

NOTE: In light of the holiday season, this issue will replace the normal weekly issue that would have been sent out on Sunday, Dec. 25th. The next issue of Talent Edge Weekly will be sent on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023!

As we get ready to close out 2022, I wanted to share this“Best of December” issue of the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter

This issue includes the 10 most popular resources/articles from December. This “best of the month” format is slightly different than the regular weekly issue in that it provides a short description (instead of my full summary and perspective) of each resource.

You can access my full summary and the source article/resource by clicking the hyperlinks. If you find value in this issue or any of its resources, please share them with your network by using the social media icons or ‘share’ feature in the newsletter.

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Wishing you all a wonderful 2023, and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you in the new year!


Brian Heger is a human resources practitioner with a Fortune 150 organization and has responsibilities for Strategic Talent and Workforce Planning. To connect with Brian on Linkedin, click here.


Various reports on 2023 HR priorities and talent trends have been published over the last several weeks. To help distill these insights into a summarized view, I have integrated the priorities and trends from seven resources into a one-page snapshot.

This reference provides four resources that can be used for HR strategy planning, determining human resources metrics, communicating a talent narrative, and understanding 2023 talent trends.

I reshare a popular one-page PDF with links to 12 resources for Chief Human Resources Officers to leverage for various purposes—from transitioning to a new CHRO role to developing an HR strategy.

Employee retention continues to be a top concern for many organizations. This one-page template provides a way for managers to assess the retention risk of their employees on 13 retention risk indicators known as ‘pre-quitting behaviors.

A newly updated article on how organizations can accelerate employees’ job and career development through experience maps— the specific experiences needed to excel in a role or function.

As compensation and the financial components of the employee value proposition become increasingly important, this article raises five questions that managers and leaders should be prepared to answer for employees and candidates about pay equity.

This one-page PDF includes five resources from Deloitte on various aspects of skills-based talent practices. Topics range from a)the talent practices in which organizations are mainly integrating skills, to b)suggestions for how firms can organize work beyond the constraints of the traditional job.

Peter Cappelli's article argues that current U.S. financial reporting standards are counterproductive since they treat employees and investments in them as expenses or liabilities, making companies look less valuable to investors. He provides suggestions for more meaningful human capital reporting requirements.

Provides ideas on how Learning and Development (L&D) leaders can inform the talent development component of their organizations’ ESG narrative. One section notes how there are four components of a talent development narrative in an enterprise ESG report.

This 74-page report provides ideas on leadership behaviors and mindsets that enable effective hybrid work environments. One page provides aworksheetthat leaders and teams can use to assess the group on seven factors that can affect its success in embracing and operating in a hybrid work environment.


As part of CHROs on the Go - a subscription that provides the easiest way to stay informed about hires, promotions, and resignations in the Chief Human Resources role- 102 new CHRO announcements have been posted on the platform in December. The CHRO appointment of the month is:

  • Procter & Gamble (CINCINNATI, OHIO) [NYSE: PG] announced the promotion of Bala Purushothaman as the Company’s CHRO, effective Jan. 1, 2023. Bala will take over the role from Tracey Grabowski, who is retiring. Bala was most recently the SVP of HR, Global Total Rewards, Employee & Labor Relations, and Corporate Service for P&G.

To learn how to gain access to all 102 detailed CHRO announcements from December, and +1800 archived announcements, visit CHROs on the Go .

If you are already a member of CHROs on the Go, you canlog in to access all announcements and site functionality.


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