Best of October - Talent Edge Weekly - Issue #144

This issue covers 10 of the most popular articles from October. Topics range from talent questions for the CHRO, skills-based organizations, and employee retention.

As we begin the month of November, I wanted to share this "Best of October" issue of the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter, which includes the 10 most popular resources from October.

This "best of the month" format is slightly different than the regular weekly issue in that the "best of" version provides a short description (instead of my full summary and perspective) of each resource.

You can access my full summary and the source article/resource by clicking the hyperlinks.

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Have a great week, and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you throughout November!


Brian Heger is a human resources practitioner with a Fortune 150 organization and has responsibilities for Strategic Talent and Workforce Planning. To connect with Brian on Linkedin, click here.


A one-page PDF that includes 18 questions that CHROs and their teams might be asked about different aspects of talent, including talent strategy, succession, and DEI.

An excellent and robust 101-page report on how organizations are thinking about shifting from traditional jobs to skills-based work as a way to organize work and talent practices.

A one-page reference that integrates four resources for identifying and addressing employee retention risks. Includes pre-quitting behaviors and more.

Offers 5 questions Chief Human Resources Officers can ask to determine what barriers prevent HRBPs from reaching their full strategic potential.

A one-page PDF that includes links to 6 resources to help unlock internal mobility, such as removing barriers that prevent employees from applying for internal work opportunities.

A new 62-page report that provides the most extensive study of women in corporate America. Offers several ideas for addressing barriers.

Covers the top five 2023 HR priorities and challenges. I include a bonus Gartner resource that helps summarize the core elements of an HR strategy on one page.

A newly updated 2022 talent trends report highlighting aspects of hiring, workforce confidence, job candidate values, and employee growth.

Outlines six changes for organizations to consider as they realign their talent practices to a new world of work. One change mentioned is ​​focusing selection criteria more on skills vs. academic degrees.

Provides ideas for how organizations can drive greater awareness and utilization of their rewards program by designing and communicating programs around critical life moments.


As part of CHROs on the Go - a subscription that provides the easiest way to stay informed about hires, promotions, and resignations in the Chief Human Resources role- 137 new CHRO announcements were posted on the platform in October.

The CHRO appointment of the month is:

  • General Motors (NYSE:GM) names Arden Hoffman as Chief People Officer. Hoffman joins GM from Cruise, the autonomous vehicle subsidiary of GM. Hoffman replaces Kim Brycz, who announced her plans to retire from GM after nearly 40 years of service. Hoffman’s appointment is effective Jan. 1, 2023. She will report to GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra.

If you are a member of CHROs on the Go,  you can access all detailed 137 CHRO announcements from October (and +1500 archived announcements) by can logging in to the platform.


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